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come as you are
+ let me do the rest.

When I say I have your back, I really freakin’ mean it. Heck yes I’m going to give you beautiful + fun AF wedding photos. BUT, I’m also going to make sure you’re having the time of your life and you’re comfortable while I do it. I'll never let you be in front of my camera with awkward little t-rex hands and I’ll honestly tell you if your outfit is going to look just as good in photos as it does on your hot bod. And if our crazy life schedules allow it, we can even grab a drink together and talk life (and dresses and flowers and cake OH MY!). 

Getting to be a part of you and your bestie’s day and knowing I get to be there in those quiet intimate moments + those loud crazy family moments isn’t something I take lightly. Weddings are a big deal!! So just know I feel honored that you’re thinking about letting me follow you around all day with my camera to tell your perfectly cheesy love story. Now click that button down there and let's be friends!