I’m Charissa (and that's my husband, Jonny, over there). And yes, that's a selfie, taken with a selfie stick and absolutely no shame. We got married in 2016 and I convinced him (and my landlord) to let us adopt a dog in Kauai on our honeymoon. We live in a little, one-bedroom cottage with our pup, Kirra, in Northern California. You can catch Jonny casually running a half marathon around our neighborhood. You can catch me taking naps and binge watching Meredith Grey's face.

I have always been so freakin’ fascinated with people and what makes each person tick. My heart has always been to help people and make sure they feel loved (I'm a 2w3. Any fellow enneagram lovers out there?). This is honestly why wedding photography is my jam because being there for people is literally just my favorite.