California Weddings start at $4,500
Out-of-State Weddings start at $5,500
Destination Weddings start at $6,500
Elopements (under 25 people) start at $3,500
Engagement Sessions $600

I'm one of those people who wishes money grew on trees. When it came time for me to plan my own wedding I wanted ALL the things. Unfortunately, money doesn't grow on trees. So all this to say: I do understand wedding budgets because I had one too! And unless you're a millionaire (if you are, please teach me your ways) you probably have a wedding budget yourself with a certain number next to 'photography.' So I get it! And I'm here to have an open conversation with you about those numbers. It's not everyday that you get married so you probably have some questions. And I'm here to answer them. I'm not really about those pie charts on Pinterest that tell you what percentage to spend on what. I'm about you and your bestie asking yourselves what's really important to you and letting that determine your budget. If photography is important you, I truly believe you should treat yo'self! So let's talk.